Trail Head Improvement at West Bay Drive

The objectives for the improvements to the West Bay Drive project are to enhance the overall aesthetics of the trail and surrounding amenities, enhance connectivity and access at several locations between Washington Avenue and 4th Avenue NW, and leverage the proximity of the Downtown Largo with the Pinellas Trail overpass. This project includes multimodal transportation and aesthetic improvements such as monument signs and way-finding amenities, as well as repair and rehabilitation of existing transportation infrastructure, such as mid-block crossings, sidewalks, and curb ramps.

Transportation investments serve as a catalyst for transformative redevelopment, particularly through the implementation of “Complete Streets” projects. Complete Streets are designed, operated, and maintained for all users, regardless of age or ability, based on the context of the roadway and its surrounding area.

The outcome of these elements are providing opportunities for placemaking through the interaction between people and fostering healthier, more social, and economically viable communities.

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