Growing pressure on our water resources comes from many sources, including population increase, building and economic growth, pollution and other important issues. The City of Largo hopes to relieve these pressures through careful planning and best management practices.

What Are You Looking For?

Reclaimed Water
As a sustainability leader, Largo even recycles water. Find out how reclaimed water is made and how it can be used in your home or business or learn about service rates.
Did you know that stormwater is carried to our creeks, streams and the Bay, where we swim, fish and play? Learn how you can improve water quality in your community.
Sewer Water
Sewer water is any water that leaves your home or business through your drains. Find out where it goes and how you can avoid costly sewer overflows on your property.
Drinking (Potable) Water
Drinking, or potable, water is supplied to Largo residents by Pinellas County. Find out more information about potable water, including rates and billing from Pinellas County.
Water Rates
Find billing rates for water services including sewer, stormwater and reclaimed water. All billing is done in coordination with Pinellas County Utilities.
Sustainability Map
Explore the world of water and sustainability within our community and learn how Largo is committed to improving the environment and conserving our resources.

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