Fire Prevention

Largo's Fire Prevention mission is to reduce injuries, death and property loss caused by fire through the establishment and enforcement of state and local fire codes. In addition, this team's responsibilities include fire code enforcement, investigation of fire code violation complaints, construction plan reviews, fire inspections of all existing and newly constructed facilities, fire safety and construction consultations, inspection of all fire protection systems, and maintaining fire records.

Fire plan review is required for all new construction, modification, or rehabilitation in our jurisdiction. Construction documents and shop drawings shall be submitted, reviewed, and approved prior to the start of work. Applicants are responsible to ensure that the following conditions are met:
  • The construction documents include all of the fire protection requirements.
  • The shop drawings are correct and in compliance with the applicable codes and standards.
  • Current edition of the Florida Fire Prevention Code (FFPC) and all applicable code references within chapter two of the FFPC.
  • The contractor shall maintain an approved set of construction documents on site.
  • Approved set of plans will have a Largo Fire Rescue stamp of approval. 
  • The inspectors will not perform the requested inspection if the approved set of plans are not available to them

Fire Plan Review Types & Fee Information

Fire Safety Inspection
For existing buildings
Fire Plan Review
For new construction/remodels

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