Community Standards and Special Magistrate

The priority of Community Standards is to address life safety issues that pose a threat to the health, safety, well being and quality of life for the residents and businesses in the City of Largo. It is because our citizens want safe, sound neighborhoods that we are proactive in our enforcement efforts. You can find a list below of frequently asked questions. The following FAQs do not include the entire definition of an ordinance but are meant to give a guideline to some of the major questions. You may contact Community Standards for specific answers to your questions.

How tall can my grass grow before it would be a violation?

Can I keep a vehicle that is inoperable or unlicensed?

Can my neighbor store piles of junk, boxes and totes outside?

Can I park or store a commercial vehicle or trailer at my house?

Can my neighbor run a business from their home?

Can I park or store my boat or personal watercraft on my property?

Can I post signs on utility poles or in the right of ways?

Can I make repairs to my vehicle on my property?

What do I do about noise coming from a business or neighboring residence?

Where can I sell my vehicle in Largo?

My neighbor leaves his trash can at the curb all week. Is this a violation?

How do I watch a live or previous Code Enforcement Board Meeting?

What is a Special Magistrate?