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Participation in government and public life strengthens communities paving the way toward a city that is built on trust and reflects the common good. Continued engagement with the city ensures that those who live, work and play in Largo have a voice in decision making.

Are you looking to make a positive impact in your community? We hope that you will invite a member of our outreach team to your community, volunteer with the city, apply for a neighborhood grant, check out our new crowdsourced neighborhood map or just let us know what's on your mind. Your feedback is valued. 

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As part of the City’s strategic focus on Community Pride, Largo is continuously working to enhance our outreach efforts. A key goal of outreach is to create stronger communication with local neighborhoods. Neighborhood Leaders, Community Associations and Civic Groups are invited to update their information with the city. Up-to-date contacts will allow speedier access to projects impacting the neighborhood and opportunities to provide immediate feedbackSign up
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Have an idea for Largo? is making it easier for you to share feedback and receive information. You can find out about ongoing projects, join in on topical discussions, create, share or vote on citizen-generated ideas and connect with other that share your interests. You can also take surveys that will help shape your community. Join the discussion at

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This is your community and you are invited to be involved! Follow us on social media, sign up for eNews or request a presentation at your next community event.

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