Sustainable for Generations

The City of Largo is committed to sustainability and has incorporated it into the city-wide Strategic Plan, which sets the direction for the organization and the community by establishing three broad focus areas: Sustainability, Public Health & Safety and Community Pride. Largo is dedicated to the health of our community and is committed to renewing our natural environment to ensure a sustainable Largo for generations. View our Sustainability Map, our Sustainable Business Guide, or LEAP, Largo's Environmental Action Plan, to learn more.

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Largo Sustainability Series

Join us for the Largo Sustainability Series, a monthly workshop held at the Largo Public Library that focuses on topics such as composting, energy efficiency, recycling and more! These free events will help us celebrate Largo's ongoing sustainability efforts and will be presented by City staff and our partner organizations The Pinellas Extension Office, Suncoast Sierra Club, and Ocean Allies

View the 2020 Schedule

For questions about the Largo Sustainability Series, or to suggest future topics contact Sustainability@Largo.com.

Largo is Ready for 100% Renewable Energy 

Largo recently became the fourth city in Florida and the 75th in the country to commit to a transition to 100 percent renewable energy for our organization and the community. 

Solar Renewable Energy

In support of Largo’s strategic focus on sustainability, Largo City Commission recently voted to approve an organizational commitment to achieving 100 percent renewable, zero-emission energy by 2035. Largo’s commitment also includes supporting a community-wide transition to 100 renewable energy through stakeholder engagement and encouraging benefits for the most vulnerable in our community.

The City of Largo is Going Plastic Free!

Turtle Plastic BagThe City of Largo is committed to developing and implementing initiatives that promote local environmental, economic, and sustainability practices. As single-use plastics are common pollutants that pose health and environmental risks to wildlife, and litter streets, parks, and public spaces, the City passed Ordinance 2019-19 to prevent the distribution and use of #5 (polypropylene) and #6 (polystyrene) food service materials on City property including the use of plastic straws and polystyrene foam products. This includes at events on City property, by vendors and contractors operating on City property, and by City funds. Visit Largo.com/PlasticFree for more details.