Resident Assistance Program

smiling-man-paying-billThe City of Largo wants to help Largo individuals and families who have fallen behind on housing and utility bills due to impacts of COVID-19. Largo's Resident Assistance Program is available to residents as a second line of assistance behind Countywide programs. Its intent is to help Largo families who suffered a loss in income from COVID-19 furloughs, lay-offs, reduced hours, or company closings with mortgage or rent payments and utility costs. 

Below you can find more information on pre-qualification information, how to submit an application online and documentation needed when you apply. 

  • Update - Due to the large volume of applicants on the wait list through 2-1-1, the City has revised its policy to allow applicants to apply through Largo's Resident Assistance Program without going through 2-1-1 programs first  or if you did contact 2-1-1 and have not received a response. 
  • If you did apply through 2-1-1 and did not receive assistance, or you are in need of additional assistance,  you can apply with the Largo Resident Assistance Program.
  • If you do not have internet access or need additional help, please call Largo Housing Services at 727-586-7453 to prequalify over the phone.

Steps to Pre-Qualification

Step 1: Do I Qualify for Countywide Assistance Programs? [Update - this step has been removed from
UPDATE:  Due to the large volume of applicants on the wait list for 2-1-1 programs, the City has removed this requirement for qualification.  You may proceed with  the City of Largo's Resident Assistance Program. New users will need to create an account in their preferred language (English, Spanish, French, or Vietnamese).

If you need additional assistance after Largo assistance or for other resources (ex. food, mental health), please contact 2-1-1 or visit the City of Largo's Community Resource page.  To contact 2-1-1, you can call 2-1-1, or text 898211 with your zip code.  If you need additional assistance for rent, mortgage or utilities above what Largo can provide, text the message "covidcares" to 898211.

Step 2: Pre-Qualify for the City's Program
Complete the Resident Assistance Program application via the online portal. New users will need to create an account in their preferred language (English, Spanish, French, or Vietnamese) and provide the following documentation for eligibility:
  • Documented Loss of Income;
  • Proof of Residency and Household Size;
  • Current Income and Assets Documents;
  • Duplication of Benefits Prevention;
  • and Housing Bills for Requested Assistance.
Step 3: After you apply
Once you complete the Pre-Qualification section of Largo's application, City staff will contact you if you to let you know the next steps to apply. For questions regarding your application or more information while applying, call Largo Housing Services at 727-586-7453.


Do I qualify for Largo's Resident Assistance Program?
  • I have not received funding from other sources for the bills I need help paying.
  • I live in the City of Largo as my primary residence (Check the City of Largo Map - if you are located in the blue area, you are in City limits).
  • My household had a documented loss of income due to COVID-19 (furlough, lay off, reduced hours, company closed).
  • I rent an apartment, own my home, rent or own a mobile home in a mobile home park, or I live at a weekly hotel/motel/mobile home as my home.
  • I have less than $4,000 savings in the bank.
What are the household income limits for the program?
  • 1 Person Household (HH): $39,400
  • 2 Person HH: $45,000
  • 3 Person HH: $50,650
  • 4 Person HH: $56,250
  • 5 Person HH: $60,750
  • 6 Person HH: $65,250
  • 7 Person HH: $69,750
  • 8 Person HH: $74,250
  • Larger HH sizes:  Please contact the City
Households whose income was below 50% and 80% of median income BEFORE COVID-19 will receive priority. 
If I pre-qualify for the program, what documents will I need to apply?
  • Document Loss of Income: (both documents - provided in Pre-Qualification Section)
    • 2 Months Paystubs from all household members age 18+ from BEFORE income loss or if self-employed -  2019 Tax Return 
    • Loss of income documents (examples: layoff or furlough notice, current paystubs showing reduction in pay and/or hours)
  • Proof of Residency and Household Size: (all applicable documents)
    • Driver's License/Florida ID of all adults age 18+;
    • Birth Certificate(s) or school record(s) of all children under 18 in the household
    • Mortgage Statement, Rental Lease or Hotel/Motel Receipts
  • Current Income and Assets Documents: (all applicable documents)
    • 2 Months Current Paystubs (for anyone still working in the household)
    • Child Support and Alimony Decree (if applicable)
    • Most recent 6 Months Checking Account Statements
    • Most recent 1 Month Savings Account Statement
    • Unemployment Income Documents (if you applied for state or federal unemployment)
    • Explanation of Deposits for bank deposits over $100 (City staff will notify if required)
    • If self-employed, Profit and Loss Statement for the most recent 3 months
  • Duplication of Benefits Prevention:
    • Copy of Award or Denial from Pinellas CARES or JWB (email, text, etc.) OR
    • Other proof of ineligibility or unavailability of these funds
  • Housing Bills for Requested Assistance: (include all items that you want assistance with payment)
    • Past Due and/or Current Due Mortgage Statement
    • Past Due and/or Current Due Rent Notice
    • Past Due and/or Current Due Homeowners' Association or Condo Association Fees
    • Past Due and/or Current Due Utility Bills
    • Past Due and/or Current Due Internet Bills (if used for school, work from home or employment search).
  • Other: Signed Waivers and Authorization Form
Additional information and documents will be required to complete the full application.  the City has the right to request other applicable documents, as needed to determine eligibility, based on the funding program's requirements.
How can I submit documents?
  • You can take pictures of your documents on your phone and upload them right into the "Documents" section in your application through the Resident Assistance Program Portal.
  • You can scan and upload documents from a computer and upload them right into the "Documents" section in your application through the Resident Assistance Program Portal.
  • Call the Resident Assistance Program (727-586-7435) if you do not have the ability to do either of these and need help getting documents submitted.
**DO NOT EMAIL DOCUMENTS TO THE CITY IF IT HAS PERSONAL IDENTIFICATION OR ACCOUNT NUMBERS ON THE DOCUMENTS - BE CAREFUL OF FRAUDULENT EMAILS THAT MAY ASK YOU TO UPLOAD DOCUMENTS OR CLICK ON LINKS. You can always call the Resident Assistance Program if you are unsure about an email you receive from the Resident Assistance Program to confirm it came from the City.
What do I tell my Mortgage Company, Landlord or Utility Provider?
Please talk with your landlord about payment arrangements.  Let them know you are seeking help with your rent.  As long as your landlord is still willing to work with you, assistance may be available to you.  For more on tenant's rights, please visit one of the City's partner agencies Gulfcoast Legal Services.  Residents requesting assistance with mortgages will also be referred to Tampa Bay Community Development Corporation who is contracted with the City to assist clients with coordinating mortgage forbearances and coordinating back-payments of mortgages.

The utility providers are not terminating services for customers at this time. Please talk with your landlord or utility provider about payment arrangements. Let them know you are seeking help with your utility payment.

Review your credit history. You can submit notes to credit agencies explaining credit issues for notation on your credit history. Please note on your account you were furloughed due to the COVID-19 pandemic event.
How will my bills get paid?
The City will pay the vendors directly through check payments.  Payments will be made after your case is approved and your grant agreement is signed by you and the City.
What if I need food or other assistance?
Please contact 2-1-1 by phone or text your zip code to 898211 to find out about resources available in your area. The City of Largo has also compiled resources in its Community Resources site.
Where can I find other available community resources?

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