Annual Reclaimed Water Report

“Thank you for using the City of Largo’s Reclaimed Water system, and helping strengthen our commitment to our local, natural environment.” 

-Henry Schubert, City Manager

In Florida, management of water is especially important. The purpose of this annual Reclaimed Water Consumer Confidence Report is to inform the public of reclaimed water’s origin, nature and characteristics pursuant to the City of Largo’s Domestic Wastewater Treatment Facility’s Operational Permit (FL0026603) requirement and 62-610.468(6) of Florida Administrative Code.

What Are the Benefits of Using Reclaimed Water?
  • Creates an alternate water source for irrigation by reducing demand on potable water sources used for drinking water
  • Reduces the cost of landscape irrigation when it replaces potable water
  • Reduces fertilizer costs due to nitrogen and phosphorus in reclaimed water
  • Beautifies our community by enhancing the appearance of the landscaping.
Is Reclaimed Water Safe?
Yes! To ensure safety, the highest standards established by the Florida Department of Environmental Protection are followed. There is no documentation of any public health problems associated with reclaimed water use! The level of treatment received by reclaimed water makes it acceptable for irrigating lawns and most landscaping. It is unsuitable for the following purposes:
  • Consumption by humans
  • Bathing, cooking or toilet flushing in residential dwellings
  • Any interconnection with another water source
  • Recreational use (e.g. pools or outdoor showers)
  • Irrigation of vegetables or other edible crops that are not peeled, cooked or thermally processed before being consumed
Reclaimed Water Quality Analysis 2022
The City of Largo produces reclaimed water that meets all state requirements for use of reclaimed water to irrigate public access areas (parks, playgrounds, school sites, golf courses, etc.) and irrigation of residential lawns and landscapes.

Annual Average for Inorganic Contaminants at  Largo Reclamation Facility (January-December 2022):

  • Chloride (mg/L): 160
  • NOx (mg/L as Nitrogen): 0.48
  • pH (standard unit): 6.86
  • Phosphorous (mg/L): 0.63

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For more information about Largo's reclaimed water system please call 727-518-3076, or visit to see if you can connect to the system today.

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