Residential Annexation

All unincorporated areas located within Largo's boundary are eligible to receive in-City services by submitting an Annexation Agreement signed by the property owner(s). The Annexation Agreement means that the owner's property will become incorporated into the City Limits once it becomes eligible, but in the meantime will be provided in-City services.

Forward Pinellas, a third party agency, provides an unbiased resource that allows unincorporated residents to estimate the difference in annual taxes and fees before and after annexation. The Truth in Annexation Worksheet allows property owners to input their own information in order to determine whether it would be beneficial to annex into a City based on their usage.

Online Annexation Agreement Form
Residential property owners interested in annexing into the City of Largo can download the Annexation Agreement form, and use the Pinellas County Property Appraisers Web site to obtain the necessary information for their property in order to complete the form. All the City requires is that the property owner print the Annexation Agreement and have their signatures witnessed and notarized and return, either via hand delivery or mail, to City staff for processing.

To get started, you may call  727-586-7360, Option 3  or email [email protected]  to receive a pre-filled out agreement via email or mail, or you may proceed with the following steps:

  • Print out the Annexation Agreement.
  • Open the "Sample Online Annexation Agreement" and review.
  • Open the "Sample Property Appraiser Website Guide" and review.
  • Visit the Pinellas County Property Appraiser web page and search the database for your property information.
  • Fill in the blanks on the Annexation Agreement in the same manner as the Sample Annexation Agreement.
  • Use the Sample Property Appraiser to help you complete Exhibit "A" of the Annexation Agreement.
  • All persons having an ownership interest in the property must sign in the appropriate spots. Please make sure to have all property owners signatures witnessed by an individual.
  • Have all property owner signatures notarized (if you need a notary, the City can notarize for free). The notary  must notarize each property owner's signature.
  • Mail or hand deliver the Annexation Agreement to the Economic Development Coordinator for processing.
  • The City will notify you via phone, email or mail if additional information is required.
  • When the Annexation Agreement is approved, City staff will notify you via phone, email or mail.
  • If you prefer to be contacted via phone or email, please provide staff with your contact information.
The following programs and services are available with an Annexation Agreement:

  • Solid waste collection
  • Recycling collection
  • In-City rates for recreation services
  • Removal of 25% sanitary sewer surcharge for properties connected to Largo's sanitary sewer system.
  • Access to reclaimed water (where available)

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