Largo's Going Plastic Free

The City of Largo is committed to developing and implementing initiatives that promote local environmental, economic, and sustainability practices. As single-use plastics are common pollutants that pose health and environmental risks to wildlife, and litter streets, parks, and public spaces, the City passed Ordinance 2019-19 to prevent the distribution and use of #5 (polypropylene) and #6 (polystyrene) food service materials on City property including the use of plastic straws and polystyrene foam products. This includes at events on City property, by vendors and contractors operating on City property, and by City funds. 

Turtle Plastic BagProhibited items are: 

·Styrofoam™ products (cups, plates, bowls, clamshells, to-go boxes, etc)
·Plastic straws and stirrers (including the use of bio-plastic straws)
·Plastic cutlery
·Plastic plates, cups, and bowls for serving
·Plastic lids, trays, and similar single-use items

These items never break down in the environment but do break apart into smaller pieces known as microplastics. These microplastics can end up polluting our waterways and being eaten by wildlife, including the fish that we consume. By using eco-friendly alternatives such as paper, the City of Largo is protecting the long-term economic and environmental health of our community.  These efforts are part of our overall sustainability goals that are outlined in the Largo Environmental Action Plan (LEAP). Visit or sign up for the OurFutureLargo newsletter to keep up on the latest sustainability news. 

Are you a business looking for eco-friendly materials? 
There are plenty of local stores, retailers, and companies that provide these materials inexpensively. Paper versions of single-use plastics tend to be the most cost-effective and can be found at most retailers including:

·Auburn Supply Group local purchasing co-op
·Publix paper and Greenwise Items
·Sam's Club eco-friendly and paper products
·Webstaurant Store
·Target's Seventh Generation and paper products
·Office Depot's Green Book
·EcoPromotions sustainable giveaways

Do you have questions about what items are allowed on City property? Email us at

Ocean Allies LogoAre you a business already using eco-friendly items and are ready to be certified? 
Get your certification with Ocean Allies and be recognized by customers and other businesses alike! This certification helps to promote your business to consumers who actively look for eco-friendly places to eat, shop and work with. Once you are certified you will be listed on their partner page as well as on the Clearwater Marine Aquarium page so that residents and visitors can help celebrate your accomplishments.

How important are single-use plastics to you? Join the conversation on!

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