The City of Largo's application cycle is open on an ongoing basis for its Affordable Housing Development Program as long as funding is available.  Please see the "How to Apply" section below.

General Information
The Affordable Housing Development Program is designed to provide incentives and supplemental funding sources to foster the creation/rehabilitation of affordable housing, via Owner-Occupied Affordable Housing Development and Rental Affordable Housing Development.

This program supports the development of affordable housing in a manner that ultimately passes the savings on to the occupant (homeowner or renter) to reduce housing costs. Largo understands that most development in this urbanized area comes through redevelopment, which often has an increased cost that limits the private sector from redeveloping parcels independently. In addition, this program supports redevelopment projects for affordable housing through land use incentives and supplemental funding to enable these projects to come to fruition. Projects incorporating sustainability measures into design, construction, and utilities are encouraged, to reduce household utility and insurance costs and protect against disaster.

For developers looking to complete an application, the application is available through the Neighborly Software Portal. Note: If you have a login with another jurisdiction, you have to use this link and register the first time for Largo's Neighborly Software Portal.

If you have questions about the application, please call 727-586-7489 Ext. 7212 or email [email protected].

Program Overview

Affordable Housing Development Incentives
  • Affordable Housing Density Bonuses:
  • Other Density Bonuses (stackable with Affordable Housing Density Bonuses)
  • Live Local Act Density Allowances:
    • Allows up to 30 units per acre (Largo's maximum) for projects with at least 40% of units reserved for households serving no more than 120% Area Median Income (AMI)
    • On properties with commercial, industrial, or mixed-use land categories
  • Expedited Permitting:  In accordance with Section 163.3164(7), (8), Florida Statutes, affordable housing projects are expedited to a greater degree than other projects.
    • Eligible Affordable Housing Project Types:
      • Projects receiving grant funding through the City's Affordable Housing Development Program
      • Projects receiving funding through the City's Housing Rehabilitation Programs
      • Projects receiving an affordable housing density bonus through the City of Largo as indicated by an approved Affordable Housing Density Bonus Agreement
      • Projects utilizing other funding sources, such as County, State or Federal sources, that have a documented requirement for the property to have units reserved for affordable housing serving income levels of 120% area median income (AMI) or below.
    • Processes Included in Expediting:
      • Site Plan/Development Order Review & Approval
      • Building Permit Review & Approval
      • Infrastructure Permit Review & Approval
      • NOTE: Review times by external agencies are not controlled by the City and staff reports/review comments contingent on comments or approvals from external agencies may impact completion  times by the City.
    • Procedure:
      • Developer requests designation as an Affordable Housing Development (based on the eligible project types listed above) from the City's Housing Division Manager (Arrow Woodard:  [email protected]). 
        • If the project qualifies under any of the first three eligibility types listed above, the Housing Division will issue the "Project Eligibility Form for Expedited Development Order & Permit Process for Affordable Housing Activity" as part of the affordable housing incentive approval.
        • If the project would qualify on the 4th definition for eligibility, the Housing Manager will review provided documentation from the developer to confirm there are funding sources linked to affordability requirements for the development.  The Housing Manager would then issue the Project Eligibility Form.
      • The developer or its contractor must remit the form with site plan, building permit or infrastructure permit applications.  It is recommended that the developer/contractor notify the Housing Manager ([email protected]) when applications have been submitted to ensure the Housing Division can verify those applications have been marked in the permitting system for expediting.
      • Once an application has been tagged as an "affordable housing project" in the permitting system, the project will be moved to the top of the review list and an email will be sent by the Building Division or Planning Division (depending on application type) to the reviewing entities that the permit has been placed in top priority for review as an affordable housing development.
    • Live Local Act Developments: 
      • Site plan review will be completed through an administrative review process for issuance of a Development Order.
      • Developments will enter into a Live Local Act Affordable Housing Development Agreement (land use restriction) with the City to ensure the provision of a minimum 40% of units are rented or reserved for rent for households earning 120% Area Median Income or less.
      • This agreement is administratively signed by the City Manager and the developer/property owner.
      • Execution of the agreement will be a condition included in the Development Order and must be recorded on the property prior to issuance of infrastructure or building permits.
  • Affordable Housing Parkland & Recreation Facilities Impact Fee Waiver Program (NEW):
    • Eligible toward units serving 80% Area Median Income (AMI) and below)
    • Contact City of Largo Housing Manager for application ([email protected])
  • Alternative Development Standards (Transfer of Development Rights, Zero Lot Lines, etc.)
    • Note:  Although the Alternative Design Standards allow sidewalk on one side of new internal streets for affordable developments, it is encouraged to consider walkability and accessibility of the neighborhood when utilizing this incentive.
  • Project Financing (for Eligible Items and Based on Funding Availability)
Financial incentives offered by the City to the developer will be based on funding availability and the amount of local (City) funding required to make the project come to fruition. Due to limited funding, the City strongly recommends leveraging additional funding sources as part of the request to the City of Largo.  Contact the Arrow Woodard, Housing Manager, at [email protected], or (727) 586-7489 ext. 7212 to explore affordable housing incentives and funding available.
Funding Sources
Income Ranges for Residents
  • At or Below 30% of Area Median Income (AMI)
  • 30-50% of AMI
  • 50-80% of AMI
  • 81-120% of AMI (Limited funding in this category/Owner-Occupied development only)
  • Multi-unit developments may incorporate market-rate units – City funding would contribute toward affordable housing units
Selection Criteria
  • Capacity and capability to carry out the project
  • Experience in completing affordable housing projects;
  • Funding availability and funds leveraged from other sources
  • Income ranges served and affordability of units
  • Past performance and timeframe for project completion
  • Use of green building and disaster hardening features/techniques
  • If developer employees personnel from the Welfare Transition Program as part o the project
  • All projects must be able to conform with regulations of the funding sources
Additional Incentives
To find out more about the potential affordable housing density bonuses and expedited permitting, please contact the City of Largo’s Housing Manager at [email protected] or 727-586-7489 Ext. 7212.

Owner-Occupied Affordable Housing Development

Project financing eligible items
  • Land Acquisition
  • Site Clearance/Demolition
  • Impact Fees/Development Fees
  • Rehabilitation/Construction Financing
  • Site-Specific Infrastructure Costs
Program guidelines
  • Maximum $260,000/unit (may also be limited by funding available)
  • Deferred 0% interest loan payable from the sale proceeds of the home
  • Loan period shall not exceed two years
  • The housing unit must be sold to an income-eligible first-time homebuyer
  • The sales price must be set at the lesser of the appraised value or the City of Largo's Maximum Purchase Price
    • CDBG/HOME-Funded: $342,000
    • SHIP-Funded: $481,176
  • If total project costs exceed the post-construction appraised value and consequent sales price of the home(s), the cost in excess of the sales price may be forgiven by the City.
  • Homebuyers through this program are eligible for up to a $55,700 Homebuyer Assistance Loan to assist with the downpayment.  This loan has 0% interest and is deferred for 20 years. NOTE: The City is currently providing this assistance with HOME funds through its Downpayment Assistance Program, which allows up to $75,000 in assistance.  Visit the City's Homebuyer page for current loan terms for the Downpayment Assistance Program.
  • A shared equity provision must be included in the Mortgage and Note to the homebuyer whereby the City shall receive 100% of the appreciation portion of the sales price if the homeowner sells in the first years. The shared equity percent drops by 10% every year for 10 years. The homeowner may request the City waive this provision if the home is re-sold to an income-eligible homebuyer for an amount not to exceed the City’s Maximum Purchase Price.

Rental Unit Affordable Housing Development

Project Financing Eligible Items
  • Impact Fees/Development Fees
  • Infrastructure Expenses 
  • Construction Soft Costs Directly Related to Housing Construction 
  • Acquisition Costs 
  • Rehabilitation costs 
Program Guidelines
  • Maximum $260,000 per unit (may also be limited by funding available)
  • Very-Low-Income (50% AMI) and Low-Income (80% AMI) Units Only
  • 0% interest loan for 30 years (30-year affordability period) or
  • 2% interest loan for 15 years (15-year affordability period)
  • Funding for units serving very-low-income households: deferred payment, forgivable loan after 30 years
  • Must have quality design and comparable unit distribution throughout the complex
  • Monthly rental payment must not exceed State Housing Initiatives Partnership (SHIP) Rent Rates
  • Annual certification of tenant eligibility and unit affordability must be provided
  • If the property is sold before the 15-year period expires, the first right of refusal must be offered to eligible non-profit organizations that would provide continued occupancy for eligible persons
Density bonus incentives may also be available.

Land disposition

City-Owned Property for Sale/Donation for Affordable Housing
If the City owns property that is deemed surplus land and suitable for affordable housing, properties available for sale or lot donation will be listed here.  

The City uses a Request for Qualifications process to select a developer for these sites.  Any notices regarding the Request for Qualifications will be posted on the City's Housing Division website under Public Notices

Current Lots for Donation:
None available at this time.

City of Largo adopted 2023 Affordable Housing Surplus Land Inventory List

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