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Largo's new EV Readiness Ordinance requires the installation of Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment (EVSE) at certain developments in Largo's Activity Centers and Multimodal Corridors. By ensuring EVSEs are installed during construction, the overall cost of installation is reduced significantly. However choosing the right kind of charging station, network, and payment options can be tricky. Below are resources for developers to consider when planning a new site.

For additional questions, reach out to the Southern Alliance for Clean Energy.

Adopted Comprehensive Development Code EV Readiness Standards

External Resources:
Electric Minnesota Guide to Purchasing an EV Station
Workplace Charging for Plug-In Electric Vehicles
Electrify the South

Common Station Features

Working with Utilities

Where to Purchase

Are There Incentives for EVSEs?

Proximity to Power

What is EV Ready versus Capable?

Workplace Charging

Fleet Charging

Managing Workplace Charging

Do Charging Stations Require A Permit?