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Annual Budgets8 documents

  • FY2023 Proposed Annual Budget
    document seq 15.00
    FY2023 Proposed Annual Budget
  • FY2022 Adopted Annual Budget
    document seq 12.00
    FY2022 Adopted Annual Budget
  • FY2021 Adopted Annual Budget
    document seq 9.00
    FY2021 Adopted Annual Budget
  • FY2020 Adopted Annual Budget
    document seq 7.00
    FY2020 Adopted Annual Budget
  • FY2019 Adopted Annual Budget
    document seq 6.00
    FY2019 Adopted Annual Budget

Budget-In-Brief2 documents

  • FY 2022 Budget in Brief.pdf
    document seq 3.00
    FY 2022 Budget in Brief
  • FY 2021 Budget-In-Brief
    document seq 1.00

Capital Improvement Program Documents (CIP)5 documents

  • FY 2023-2027
    document seq 7.00
    FY 2023-2027 Capital Improvements Program
  • FY2022-2026
    document seq 6.50
    FY2022-2026 Capital Improvements Program
  • FY2021-2025
    document seq 6.00
    FY2021-2025 Capital Improvements Program
  • FY2020-2024
    document seq 4.00
    FY2020-2024 CIP
  • FY2019-2023
    document seq 3.00