City of Largo Update to Face Coverings

As of May 4, 2021, there are no longer State, County, or local orders that require face coverings in public. The City of Largo is continuing to follow the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) guidance to support a healthy workplace for our team members and the community.  On May 13, 2021, the CDC announced new guidance for fully vaccinated people, therefore, the following changes will take effect immediately for Largo facilities and Largo team members.

  • Face coverings are recommended for the public visiting City of Largo facilities
  • The public is not required to wear a face-covering and should not be requested to do so by staff
  • Team members that have been vaccinated may not be wearing face coverings
  • Social distancing is still encouraged  
  • Temperature checks are not required for the public
  • The City cannot require proof of vaccinations from the public  
  • Plexiglass may be removed from some city facilities based on operational needs.
  • Some City meetings may still be held virtually, and/or a hybrid option of in-person and virtual
  • The City of Largo highly recommends vaccination for our community and team members to protect your individual health
  • Team members are required to continue to monitor their health for symptoms of Covid-19 and stay home when they are sick
  • The City will continue to follow CDC guidance regarding isolation and quarantine
We understand that uncertainly and discomfort still exist as we continue to navigate the pandemic. The community's support and flexibility is appreciated. The health and safety of our team members and the community is at the center of the organization's decision-making process. Updates to requirements, in this fluid and ongoing situation, will be posted to