Rosery Road Community Streets Improvement Project

Please be advised the Shangri-La Park South Entrance at 250 Rosery Road will close for one day during mid to late April to install the remaining stormwater utility in the north right-of-way. The usual Detour (see map) through Shangri-La Park North at 249 Jasper Street will be available for that closure. Starting in May, paving crews are expected to asphalt Rosery Road from the CSX railroad crossing to Missouri Avenue pending FDEP approval of the new watermain.


Clearwater Largo Road To CSX Railroad Crossing
Nelson Construction completed new watermain and tie-ins along Rosery Road and has installed 50% of the road base along Rosery Road from Clearwater Largo Road to 7th Street NW. Excavation will continue from 7th Street NW to the CSX railroad crossing to prepare for the upcoming construction of multi-modal pathways, sidewalks, curb and driveways. Stormwater installation is 95% complete in this area.

PInellas Trail To Clearwater Largo Road
Nelson Construction has completed the first course of asphalt paving along Rosery Road between The Trail and Clearwater Largo Road. Sod is scheduled for installation during the week of April 6.

Construction Schedule
The estimated Rosery Road reconstruction completion date is February 2021. Construction is currently on schedule or perhaps a bit ahead of schedule. While this is good news, please be aware schedule can be affected by rain delays during the upcoming rainy season and by unforeseen circumstances. The construction team is working diligently to preclude any such circumstances. Thank you for your patience during this investment in the Rosery Road community's infrastructure.

Project Overview
City team members sought community feedback on design for the Rosery Road Phase One improvements including a June 2018 survey, November 2018 Open House, as well as email and other direct correspondence. They then worked diligently with the design engineer to implement as much of that feedback as possible with features such as:

  • Drainage improvements: Adding curbs and curb inlets to move stormwater to new underground storm drain pipes. Currently there is no storm drainage system west of the CSX crossing except for overland flow.

  • Sanitary main replacement: The sanitary main west of the CSX crossing is at the end of its service life and is scheduled for replacement with a PVC main. Sanitary manholes will be replaced at the same time.

  • Potable water main replacement: Pinellas County has elected to replace its potable water main throughout the project limits.

  • Road reconstruction: The road will be reconstructed in the same location, at the same elevation, with the same cross section, and the same width as it is currently. Curbing will be added throughout the project limits and on-street parking (approximately 15 spaces) will be added to the south side of Rosery Road from the Pinellas Trail to 9th St NW.

  • Landscaping: Crape-myrtle and cabbage palms will be planted in select locations, principally the south side of Rosery Road from the Pinellas Trail to Clearwater-Largo Road, the south side from 6th St NW to the CSX crossing, and both sides from the CSX crossing to 2nd St NW.

  • Sidewalk and crossing improvements: Existing 4 ft wide sidewalk on the north side will be replaced with a 5 ft wide sidewalk. Curb ramps will be made current with ADA standards. Crosswalks will be striped for safety and visibility.

  • Mid-block crossing: A raised median with a refuge for people crossing Rosery Road will be created between 2nd Street NW (Shangri-La/Teakwood Village West entrance) and the Aldi/WaWa entrances.

  • Creation of a multi-use path: A 10 foot wide concrete path will be created on the south side of Rosery Road throughout the project limits, reduced to 8 foot width in select locations where there are right-of-way constraints. The multi-use path will have a new connection to the Pinellas Trail.

For more information, please contact Nancy Biesinger, Project Manager, at 727-587-6713 x4412 or