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Victim ServicesVictim Advocates provide crisis intervention, criminal justice information and court accompaniment, assistance with filing crimes compensation, social service referrals and personal safety planning including assistance filing for injunctions for protections to victims and witnesses of crime.

Below you can find useful information about crisis intervention, support services, victim's rights, referrals and additional services. For more information about Victim Services, contact the Largo Victim Advocate at or

Useful Information

Crisis Intervention - A Victim Advocate may be called to the scene by law enforcement to assist victims and witnesses of crime and/or their families, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Victim Advocates respond to meet the immediate needs of the victim and their family.

Support Services - Advocates are available to help victims review options, stay safe and achieve stabilization after the initial trauma of victimization. The Victim Advocate staff is available to explain victim’s rights and to help victims navigate the criminal justice process and social service system. In some cases, an Advocate may accompany victims to court and other crime related appointments.

Information & Referrals - The Victim Advocate staff works with survivors to identify community-based assistance and services to improve the physical, emotional and financial impacts of crime. Typically referrals are made for abuse shelters, short and long term counseling, emergency food, medical assistance, crime prevention and legal aid.

Additional Services - Victim Advocates can assist victims in gathering documentation and preparing for:

  • Injunctions for Protection (restraining orders) against Dating Violence; Domestic Violence; Repeat Violence; Stalking; and Sexual Violence
  • Crimes compensation claims which may cover medical and mental health costs, funeral bills, wage loss, property loss and loss of support. Download an application
  • Restitution statements to be presented to the Office of the State Attorney
  • Victim Impact statements to be presented in court
  • Assistance with return of personal property as appropriate

How Can We Help?

Victims' Rights
As a victim or witness, you have certain rights within the system.
Victims' Rights Receipt
If an officer has asked you to review the Victims' Rights webpage, you need to submit a receipt. 
Sexual Battery
If you are the victim of a sexual crime, you have certain rights.

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