Neighborhood Watch

Neighborhood Watch is one of the most effective and least costly answers to crime. The collaboration of residents, neighborhood watch members, and community partners is critical in reducing crime. Through teamwork and education, individuals can lessen their chances of becoming victimized and assist in making their community a safer environment. For more information, view the tabs below or call 727-587-6730 Ext. 3154.


How does it help?
Neighborhood Watch Programs are of great help to Largo Police and local law enforcement officers. There have been many instances where good neighbors, by reporting unusual activities, have been instrumental in the apprehension of criminals. 
How does it work?
Neighborhood Watch works through mutual aid, neighbors watching out for neighbors. Neighbors know who you are, what type of car you own, and maybe the first to notice a burglar at your window or door, or a strange car in your driveway.
If you see something suspicious... 
Write down the description of a suspicious person and get the make/model of suspicious vehicles. If going out of town, let a neighbor or trusted friend know where you are going, how to reach you, the expected return date, and if anyone will be at your home.
What are the types of crimes I should look out for?
  • Theft: Taking of another's property.
  • Burglary: Illegally entering a structure, such as a house, trailer, shed, or garage.
  • Vandalism: (Criminal Mischief) Damaging another's property with criminal intent.
  • Trespassing: Being on someone else's property without their permission.
  • Prowler: Someone trespassing with malicious intent.
  • Robbery: Taking property of another by use of fear, force or weapon.
How do I Report Suspicious Activity?
Call 9-1-1
  • Say, "I would like to report a... (type of incident)” 
  • Give the correct house number, street name, and closest major intersection 
  • Give a complete description of the suspect and the suspect's vehicle, including the tag number when possible 
  • Stay on the line until the operator advises they have all the information; remember to ask for an event number.

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