Gladys Street Roadway Updates

The City of Largo's Engineering Division regularly monitors roadway conditions to ensure the safety and sustainability of travel along local roads. In 2019, a City-wide pavement assessment was completed that indicated poor to serious conditions of roadways along Gladys Street in Southwest Largo. The observed roadway conditions indicate a failing or weakened roadway base, which are issues that cannot be corrected by a regular resurfacing of the road. The project site includes Gladys Street from the intersection at Dryer Avenue to the intersection at Wilcox Road.

Proposed updates include: 
  • Complete rehabilitation of the roadway (including full-depth replacement as needed) 
  • Curb ramps replacements to ensure pedestrian safety (according to Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) standards) 
  • Replacements are considered at the following intersections to Gladys Street: Adrian Ave, Hillsdale Ave, 19th place SW, 20th Ave SW, Karen Ave, 21st Ave SW, Lauren Dr., 21st Place SW, 134th Ave, 133rd Ave 
  • Review and proposal of traffic calming methods (e.g., speed tables, roundabouts, re-aligned intersection) 
Construction is scheduled for the fiscal year 2023. The planned budget for construction is $1,710,000. 
The City's project team will be launching a community survey in the late Summer/early Fall of 2022 to residents of the neighborhoods surrounding Gladys Street to determine local priorities specifically regarding the proposed traffic calming methods. Feedback opportunities and major project updates will be shared by mail and posted on as well as physical signage.  
For questions, please contact Largo Engineering Services at [email protected] or 727-587-6713 Ext. 4420

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