Proposed FLUMA and Development Agreements

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DA Process Flowchart

Development Agreement Overview

A development agreement is a contract between the City of Largo and a property owner or authorized agent, detailing the obligations of both parties and specifying the standards and conditions that will govern the development of a property.
A development agreement is negotiated between property owners or authorized agents and the City for the purpose of ensuring that certain development conditions remain constant over a period no longer than 30 years. They are initiated to ensure that potential impacts of development do not negatively impact the public interest. Examples of projects subject to a development agreement include but are not limited to: projects seeking City support for a Future Land Use Map Amendment due to potential developmental impacts; projects seeking density, intensity, or height bonuses in the West Bay Drive Community Redevelopment District (WBD-CRD); and hotel projects seeking to increase their maximum allowable number of rooms
  1. The property owner or authorized agent submits a letter requesting a Development Agreement.
  2. Development Controls Officer (DCO) reviews requests.
  3. DCO seeks authorization to negotiate terms and conditions from the City Commission.
  4. City staff and the property owner or authorized agent meet to discuss the concept and terms and conditions.
  5. City Commission approves or denies the terms and conditions of the Development Agreement. The property owner or authorized agent may attend this meeting.
  6. If approved, the Development Agreement is formalized by the City Attorney.
  7. Staff schedules the first of two public hearings, both of which the property owner or authorized agent may attend, bringing the Development Agreement before the Planning Board for their recommendation of approval or denial.
  8. The second public hearing is before the City Commission. The Commission may approve or deny the Development Agreement at this meeting.
Following the approval of a Development Agreement, the property owner or authorized agent continues into the site plan review process with the City. This process is needed for the issuance of the Development Order in order to obtain proper permits and begin construction. For questions about this process or next steps, you can contact the Planning & Development Services Division at 727-587-6749, Ext. 7301.

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