Permit FAQs

Please review some of the most frequently asked questions regarding building permits. Don't see your question here or need further information? Contact [email protected] or 727-586-7488.

Where can I find the permit application?

How do I apply for a permit? Where do I go?

Why do I need a permit?

What requires a permit?

I need to remove a tree, is it the same permit application?

What are the City of Largo's permit fees?

Are fees due at time of permit drop-off?

Our scope of work has changed, we're including more work, or we've changed our mind on what we'd like to do. Do I need to do anything for my permit?

How do I know if my address is in Largo?

What is a Notice of Commencement and why do I need it?

Can you schedule my inspection? How do I schedule an inspection? What are the results of my inspection?

What time is my inspection?

What is a Florida Product Approval and where can I find them?

What is the current Building Code?

How many sets of plans must I submit?

How do I register with the City of Largo? Why do I have to register?

How do I add a sub-contractor to a permit?

What permits can be issued over the counter?

How can I find the status of my permit?

Where can I find out how close I can build to my property line?

I received a Notice of Violation, who can I contact?

What does a red tag inspection mean?

Can an owner act as their own contractor?

Do you accept digitally signed and sealed plans?

What are your hours?

Do you have a contractor complaint?