Annexation is the process set forth in the Florida Statutes that allows properties outside the current city limits to become part of a city.  By adding unincorporated property within an incorporated municipality (a city or town), it allows municipalities to logically expand and straighten their boundary lines, as well as efficiently provide services without duplication. Within the  City of Largo boundary, there are properties and neighborhoods that are not within the City, even if the mailing address is Largo, FL. Annexation allows these businesses and residents to join the City of Largo and be able to receive municipal services that are available to properties located within Largo's limits.

If you are a property owner interested in annexing into the City of Largo, visit one of the links below to obtain more information on the benefits of being in Largo, and how to start the process and where to get questions answered.

For more information on annexation, please contact the Economic Development Coordinator at 727-586-7360, Option 1 or [email protected].


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