State Legislative Agenda

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The City of Largo's mission is to "provide superior services that inspire community pride." The priorities reflected in the 2022 State Legislative Action Agenda for the City of Largo reflect this mission and are intended to protect, promote, and benefit City-wide initiatives that are important to our residents and businesses. By collaborating with our delegation partners in the Legislature, we are joining our efforts to provide the best and highest quality of life for the Largo community and promote a more resilient and equitable community for all.

  • Local Governance
  • Sustainability
  • Affordable Housing
  • Transportation
  • Infrastructure
  • Economic Development
  • Appropriations
Learn more about these priorities below. For questions about the 2022 State Legislative Action Agenda, please email Largo's Intergovernmental Relations Coordinator.

Priority Statements

Local Governance
The City of Largo SUPPORTS legislation that empowers cities to address local issues and make decisions based on the unique needs and visions of individual communities.
The City of Largo SUPPORTS the creation of a statewide resiliency plan, investments in solar and storage, greater EVSE coordination and incentives, and investments in climate change mitigation activities for vulnerable and low-income communities.
Affordable Housing
The City of Largo SUPPORTS legislation and funding opportunities to protect and expand affordable housing programs and OPPOSES sweeping of funds from the Sadowski Housing Trust Fund.
The City of Largo SUPPORTS legislation that increases local decision-making and flexibility on transportation projects and initiatives.

SUPPORTS investments in alternative transportation options and transportation mobility, accessibility, and connectivity.
The City of Largo SUPPORTS investments in resilient infrastructure to mitigate disaster recovery costs and long-term climate change impacts.

SUPPORTS investments in infrastructure, technology, and innovation for water, wastewater, and alternative water sources.

SUPPORTS investments in parks, green spaces, and other natural infrastructure to increase property values and improve quality of life for residents.
Economic Development
The City of Largo SUPPORTS legislation that assists cities in recruiting and retaining businesses and industry, creates economic incentives, and makes investments in performance/outcome-based workforce development and skills training.


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