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Largo's Logo, Naturally!
CityLogoColor-Vert1The City of Largo is proud to present the logo and brand, winner of the 2018 3CMA Diamond Award and 3CMA Savvy Awards. This mark is meant not only to represent the City as an organization and its mission of superior services but to also serve as a symbol for the Largo community as a whole. 

CityLogo-HrzlNoTag-Color1  CityLogo-HrzlNoTag-EveningBlue1
Logo Elements
sustainability   public safety   community pride

Do you see the green leaf at the bottom? This represents sustainability and the foundation and growth of the organization and our community. Our beautiful parks and green spaces are highlighted here.

The blue represents public safety. Residents and businesses of Largo value a safe and attractive City, now and in the future. This places the roles of Police, Fire, Code and Planning personnel in a central position of importance.

The coral represents the organization's focus on Community Pride. This section highlights our desire to engage the diverse population of Largo businesses, residents, schools and visitors, all blending together to make our community unique and friendly.

Color Palette
color palette

The color palette above was chosen to give Largo a warm and welcoming energy, inviting individuals who are looking for a place to raise a family, start a business, or just relax in the beautiful sunshine - making Largo the community of choice, naturally!

The photo imagery reflects Largo's unique community values. The cherished green spaces, landscapes, and people captured in the golden glow of sunrise and sunset, exemplify the color palette of our brand and carries the warm Largo welcome.


Where is Downtown?

The downtown district is positioned between two other future development areas, the Medical Arts District and the Parks District. This will increase overall mobility and connectivity in our community by establishing a corridor of activity that runs through the heart of Largo.
Vision Elements
Local architecture must remain modern with natural finishes, mixed materials and unique textures which represent our community and those who live and work in our Downtown.
Landscaping elements easily tie in our strategic focus on sustainability with Florida-friendly plants and trees, flowing plants and a diversity of green space which will welcome visitors to the area.

Engagement elements are points of interaction for visitors to our downtown. This can include wayfinding signs, art murals or even safety features. Our goal is to create engagement elements that provide clear navigation, are community focused and family friendly and are inclusive of our downtown community.

Hardscaping elements should focus on SMART technology which is functional, sustainable and focused on community safety as well as efficiencies. This can include shade structures, rest areas and other communal spaces that feature natural finishes and mixed materials.
Color Palette

Main City colors are used, but with the addition of the iconic Bench Green, as well as a Sunrise accent.

Brand elements for Downtown Largo should be representative of the overreaching City brand but remain unique enough to encompass the specific goals of this development district. This allows for an identity that supports the Strategic Plan and is easily identifiable by residents and businesses in the area.
What Will You See Downtown?
This mark can be used in our Downtown District in many ways, including on business fronts, art murals, public spaces, navigation signs and more. It helps to create consistency throughout the area and will serve as a recognizable element to define the district.

Other City Logos & Downloads

City Seal
The City of Largo Seal is a trusted symbol used for identification. It is critical that identity standards be followed in a consistent manner to protect, maintain an enhance the city image and reputation. This logo may not be used without permission from the City of Largo Administration or Communications and Marketing Program. Artwork can not be manipulated including alterations, distortion, color changes or any other use not in line with the identity standards of the City of Largo.**


Download City Seal


Download City Seal

**165.043 Official county or municipal seal.
The governing body of a county or municipality may, by ordinance, designate an official county or municipal seal. The manufacture, use, display, or other employment of any facsimile or reproduction of the county or municipal seal, except by county or municipal officials or employees in the performance of their official duties, without the express approval of the governing body is a second degree misdemeanor, punishable as provided in s. 775.082 or s. 775.083.
Largo Recreation, Parks & Arts
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Central Park Performing Arts Center
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Largo Public Library
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